How to Plan a Road Trip in Ensenada

If you are planning a road trip in Ensenada then be prepared to be charmed by the lively port city. There is a lot to see, explore and enjoy there as the place encapsulates with its simple but stunning beauty. Being close to the ocean, this place is always buzzing and filled with people. Endless shacks, shops and bars make it an amazing place to zoom through in your car.

Ensenada tourist attractions are many and varied as it has everything to entertain people of all age groups. If you are a foodie then this place will give you all the more reason for a road trip. There is an endless amount of seafood and tacos to gorge on and also beer and wine to wash down all the food.

Road Trip in Ensenada

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Shop at Paseo Calle Primera

No road trip or trip of any kind is complete without shopping to your hearts fill and that is exactly what you can do at Paseo Calle Primera. Most of the souvenir stores along with endless lines of shops can be found here. The place is a perfect one to just take a stroll down and if you get tired you can stop at one of the many American cafes. Don’t miss shopping here during your road trip in Ensenada.

Adventure activities at La Bufadora

Looking to enjoy some really thrilling activities like scuba diving, kayaking and more, then La Bufadora is the place to be. You can enjoy nature at its best at this marine geyser or blowhole. The ocean comes gushing in here and sprinkling people around with a jet spray of cool water. You will also find many fascinating street performer and stalls selling merchandise here.

Walk down the Malecon

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Ensenada then it is surely Malecon. This long path along the oceanfront is not just a beautiful place in itself but has innumerable hotspots. You can enjoy the quiet here and look at boats and yachts or you can check out the various hops and shacks here. There are also a lot of food joints on this stretch that you can check out.

Enjoy a beer at Hussong’s Cantina

A road trip in Ensenada is incomplete without bar hopping and chugging some cool beer or sipping a glass of wine. While there are many bars and restaurants where you can do this but Hussong’s Cantina is way more special. This is because it is the oldest and best-known cantina in Baja California which was established in 1892. Also, this place is always lively and if you wish to mingle with locals then this is the place to be.

Delve into history at Museo de Historia de Ensenada

Each place no matter how big or small has a history and a culture. The same goes for Baja California in Latin American country of Mexcio where Ensenada is located. Perhaps the best way to discover more about the history of this place is to visit the interesting Museo de Historia de Ensenada. You can gain a lot of knowledge about the indigenous tribe that once called this place at this museum.

Gorge on tacos at Tacos Lucero

One of the most popular among Ensenada tourist attractions had to be a taco joint. The tacos served here are amazingly delicious and they also have a great many varieties of sauce to choose from. Locals, as well as tourists, come down here to enjoy the tasty snack which is an intricate part of the Mexican culture. Don’t miss out on visiting this establishment during your road trip.

Wine tasting

A major attraction that needs to be a must on your itinerary during a road trip in Ensenada are the wineries there. Baja California is home to many wineries despite the fact that the choice of drink in Mexico remains to be beer. Not only are the wineries beautiful to look at but they also produce some of the finest wines. If you have the time to drive down further then do check out the wineries in the areas around Ensenada.

The town of Ensenada is perhaps one of the liveliest places to visit and has a lot of appealing places for tourists to see. The general vibe of this beautiful city by the port is forever buzzing with energies and its charm is simply infectious.

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