Top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France

France is by far consistently the favorite of tourists. The UNESCO World Heritage sites in France consists of monuments and castles that make you feel as though you are living through a fairy tale. The towns are buzzing with many interesting activities. With its deep history, France covers many travel rich experiences. The medieval architecture and the elegant palaces bear a testimony to its coveted status.

So let us read further to know the top 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites in France.


Carcassonne is a beautiful grand castle located in a very old city. With 53 towers, the castle is fortified into the inner city and outer city. You will find a lot of greenery under the castle and can care freely walk through the gardens. As you roam through the town you shall find some picturesque views of castle, bridges and rivulets. It is this very castle which inspired Disney to conceive Sleeping beauty castle. In evening hours until 11:30 pm, the castle is beautifully lit and is ideal to take good photos. Getting to Carcassonne will take an hour from Toulouse and 3 to 4 hours from Lyon.

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral located an hour from Paris is the quintessential Gothic type church. It has many statues and you will find lots of stained glass windows representing stories from Bible. The city Chartres itself is now well-known for its glass artwork. At the Cathedral, you can also immerse yourself in crypt tour learning about the history of Vikings and Romans. The veil of Virgin Mary when she gave birth to Jesus is also preserved here. With all its history and architecture, this cathedral gives you a complete aura of the European medieval times.

Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi is another UNESCO World Heritage site in France. It is one of the great engineering masterpieces which connect the Mediterranean region to the Atlantic Ocean. Being one of the oldest canals in Europe which is operational till date, it was constructed to facilitate transport of wheat. In today’s times, you can enjoy a serene ride through boats in Canal du Midi. The weather is good throughout the year. Summer is the best time recommended to visit and experience the beauty. Many comprehensive cruises run through this canal and stop at interesting historic sites such as Agde and Beziers where you can explore nature and even witness bullfighting!

Historic site of Lyon

Lyon, one of the best cities in France for tourists is also listed as a heritage site. The plethora of historic buildings in different parts of the town will simply blow your mind. A place historical for its silk trade has now many shades of a modern city. To witness the environment of silk workers, visit the area Vieux Lyon with wonderful buildings of Renaissance times. You can have ample fun getting lost in secret passes of Lyon known popularly as traboules.

Belfries of Belgium & France

Belfries of Belgium and France comprising of 56 historic buildings symbolize the freedom to civilians from feudal rule. Twenty-three of these belfries are located in the northern tip of France and are representative of Gothic, Roman and Renaissance architecture. They were built to demonstrate wealth and status of respective towns. Typically tall towers, these belfries are surrounded by churches and become the epicenter of carnival street shows and processions during festive times. One such pretty looking belfry is the belfry of Calais which appears as a perfect castle.

France being a country very superior in architecture illustrates a blend of different styles. Like any country in Europe, France lives with its peculiar culture which anyone will quickly fall in love with. We strongly recommend that you visit the top UNESCO World Heritage sites in France.

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